The Aussie Way

Max Harder

First published on 27 April 2024

Let’s talk facts.

A koala drinking beer.

The annual average gross income from a full-time job in Germany is $85,077 compared to $83,462 in Australia.

The monthly average rent for a 44 square meter apartment in Berlin is around $1,110, compared to $2,260 for a similar apartment in Melbourne.

The annual salary of the Chancellor of Germany is $407,415, that of the Prime Minister of Australia is $586,768.

Every German national contributes around $0.00 per year to their Chancellor’s salary, but every Australian national contributes around $0.02 per year to their Prime Minister’s salary.

The Vice-Chancellors of German universities don’t like to talk about their income, but I estimate that it can be up to $250,000 per year. The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne earns $1,500,000 per year.

The annual average tuition fee (or contribution) in Germany is $897, compared to, let’s say, $35,000 in Australia (including the $57.72 contribution towards the salary of the university’s Vice-Chancellor).

Tuition fees (or contributions) for international students in Germany are the same as those for domestic students. The Australian Broadcast Channel reported that tuition fees for international students at universities in Australia are up to 400 per cent higher than for Australian citizens.

This is because international students don’t pay taxes, they say. I think that’s an excuse.

[$ stands for Australian dollars]