Hindi–Urdu Transliteration

Max Harder

First published on 23 April 2023
Last updated on 24 April 2023


Hindi–Urdu transliteration refers to the process of converting the script used for Hindi (Devanagari) into the script used for Urdu (Nastaliq). While there are some differences in vocabulary and pronunciation, transliteration allows for a degree of mutual intelligibility between Hindi and Urdu. The following are three tables that map Hindi characters to their corresponding Urdu characters. Note that Nastaliq characters have an isolated, initial, medial and, final form, depending on where they occur in the word.


Hindi–Urdu transliteration of vowels
Romanisation Independent form As diacritic with क Final Medial Initial
a ـَ ا
ā का ـَا، ـَی، ـَہ ـَا آ
i कि ـِ اِ
ī की ـِى ـِیـ اِیِ
u कु ـُ اُ
ū कू ـُو ـُو اُو
e के ـے ـیـ اے
ai कै ـَے‬ ـَیـ اَے
o को ـو ـو او
au कौ ـَو ـَو اَو


Hindi–Urdu transliteration of consonants
Romanisation Devanagari Isolated Final Medial Initial
k ک ـک ـکـ کـ
kh ک + ھ
g گ ـگ ـگـ گـ
gh گ + ھ
ن + گ
c چ ـچ ـچـ چـ
ch چ + ھ
j ج ـج ـجـ جـ
jh ج + ھ
ñ ن + ج
ٹ ـٹ ـٹـ ٹـ
ṭh ٹ + ھ
ڈ ـڈ see final see isolated
ḍh ڈ + ھ
ن ـن ـنـ نـ
t ت ـت ـتـ تـ
ط ـط ـطـ طـ
th ت + ھ
d د ـد see final see isolated
dh د + ھ
n ن ـن ـنـ نـ
p پ ـپ ـپـ پـ
ph پ + ھ
b ب ـب ـبـ بـ
bh ب + ھ
m م ـم ـمـ مـ
y ی ـی ـیـ یـ
r ر ـر see final see isolated
l ل ـل ـلـ لـ
v و ـو see final see isolated
ś ش ـش ـشـ شـ
ش ـش ـشـ شـ
s س ـس ـسـ سـ
ص ـص ـصـ صـ
ث ـث ـثـ ثـ
h ہ ـہ ـہـ ہـ
ح ـح ـحـ حـ
ھ ـھ ـھـ ھـ

Special Characters

Hindi–Urdu transliteration of special characters
Romanisation Devanagari Isolated Final Medial Initial
q क़ ق ـق ـقـ قـ
k͟h ख़ خ ـخ ـخـ خـ
g͟h ग़ غ ـغ ـغـ غـ
z ज़ ذ ـذ see final see isolated
zh झ़ ژ ـژ see final see isolated
ड़ ڑ ـڑ see final see isolated
ṛh ढ़ ڑ + ھ
f फ़ ف ـف ـفـ فـ